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My name is Tom French, I am a freelance guitarist and guitar teacher living in Brighton, England. I currently offer my services as a guitar player for recording artists and live performers, I also offer one to one guitar tuition.


Over the years I’ve played live all around the UK and Europe, with a multitude of bands and artists, first getting on stage at the age of 9. Acts ranging from heavy metal and classic rock to jazz, funk, soul, reggae, ska and R&B.

I'm one fifth of the band Dakka Skanks, a Ska, Reggae, Dub, Punk band based in Brighton, traveling and performing across the UK and Europe having supported the likes of Madness and The Selecter.


I have a deep passion for music and believe it has such a unique presence in our world, as unlike anything else music is science, literature, maths, physical exercise, a language, politics, medicine and most importantly art. All I want is to share this art and help people engage with their emotions, whether that be by teaching them how to play music or creating music for them to listen to.

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