I offer to provide your track with high quality, tastefully appropriate, guitar parts. This can be done with you in the studio or I can record them remotely in my home studio and send you the guitar parts back in whatever format you choose, to mix into your project.


Whether it's a pop, rock, blues, funk, jazz, R&B or pretty much anything else. I have experience performing and recording in a wide range of genres which enables me to bring authentic and creative guitar parts to your creation. I can provide both rhythm and lead guitar parts, my skills are completely at your disposal, in order to get it to sound exactly the way you’d like it.


I have a wide range of guitars, amps, microphones and use of industry standard recording equipment to ensure I can create the perfect guitar tones for your track.


Aside from that I like to think I’m easy to work with and I pride myself on my professionalism. I want nothing more than to create the best music possible as I’m sure you do. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss us working together.